About GrowGuild Project and GUILDNET

Read Below for Info on the GrowGuild Token Swap

The Grow Guild Token Swap Contract Address Is:


Decimals 18

Securing the global reach of Marijuana Legalization

Implementing a complete coverage solution to maintian privacy as government regulations are damaging and causing imbalance in a market that has been controlled by corruption over the last 100 years.

Stop Big Pot!


Announcment GrowGuild Swap Underway! More info and outreach to those that wish to swap current old GGC for erc20 GGCT Grow Guild Tokens will follow shortly.


Info regarding the new codebase and project Soon!

GGCT Official Token Swap Address:



ATTENTION! Do Not Use This Download for new Tokens!

GrowGuildCoin has moved to the erc20 Token Smart Contract on Ethereum Network.(These links are still made available for holders of old coins that need to verify their balances to complete the grow guild swap to erc20) The old chain is no longer active and links will be removed soon.